Lucha a Muerte

What an epic battle it could have been… Lucha a Muerte or “Fight to the Death”. What’s the story? Did the two corpses simply find their way ashore on the tide or was… Continue reading

Diwali in Aurangabad

Queuing for Lions – When do game reserves become safari gimmicks?

Kruger National Park stands as one of the finest examples of wildlife tourism in Africa, and indeed the world. It’s a nature reserve that works, not only in terms of the species it supports and… Continue reading

Promotional Video for Spanish NGO ‘Alas Solidarias’

La Reconquista de Vigo – Reconquering Vigo 200 years on

Imprisoned on the desolate Atlantic island of St Helena, Napoleon probably had plenty of time to rue and regret his fall from power. Where had it all gone wrong? Trafalgar, the French Invasion… Continue reading

Darwin’s Globetrotters – Top 10 Natural Trekkers

There must be a reason why we find ourselves travelling to various corners of the Earth. Perhaps it’s in our genes. This year sees the bicentenary of the origin of Darwin, i.e. his… Continue reading

6760 laps of the pool or…. the Atlantic.

American Jennifer Figge has just become the first woman on record to swim the Atlantic. On record? Because someone might have taken the plunge 400 years ago? Or to cover the possibility that… Continue reading

Is that a pigeon in your pocket or are you just happy to get past customs?

A new approach to the Aussie term ‘budgie smugglers‘: A man arriving in Melbourne, Australia, from Dubai has been caught with his pants up, so to speak, and is under questioning over two… Continue reading

Incwala, the Kingship ceremony.

What is, quite literally, a horde of bare chested warriors, armed with staff and shield, shift rhythmically back and forth within the Royal Kraal. Mswati III, King of the Swazi’s, is amongst them… Continue reading

Ever eaten an ear?

“How can you not like oreja? It’s delicious, there’s nothing like it. And what’s more, the cartilage is good for your joints.” Sergio is Galician through and through. Who else would take such… Continue reading