Is that a pigeon in your pocket or are you just happy to get past customs?

A new approach to the Aussie term ‘budgie smugglers‘:

So this slots in here..

So this slots in here..

A man arriving in Melbourne, Australia, from Dubai has been caught with his pants up, so to speak, and is under questioning over two live pigeons found tucked inside them. Just how alive a pigeon can be expected to be after over 13 hours of in-flight/trouser entertainment is indeed, questionable.

Australian customs officials have detained the man, who may be facing up to ten years in jail, a $70,000 fine or just half a day rammed down some gorilla’s hot, sweaty breeches.

Fortunately, the pigeons weren’t of an endangered species, thus sparing the offender further punishment.

Unfortunately, the rascal’s fate was sealed upon the scandalous discovery of a concealed seed stash and an “undeclared aubergine”.

Whatever would his mother say?

Read the BBC article on the incident.

Photos courtesy of Flickr members, SaltGeorge and Kris Griffon.

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